Posted by: slow study | September 28, 2010

Birthday celebration

This is how I know I am dull.

The highlight of my birthday was going to Meijer (grocery store) and getting a bunch of Ziploc baggies and boxes of pasta for a really good price.

Don’t misunderstand.  I was thrilled out of my mind at the deal I got.  I was the happiest camper in all of Meijer as I went through the self-checkout line, ringing up boxes and boxes of plastic sandwich bags.  Scanning mass amounts of coupons.  Receiving multiple printouts that said “good for $2 off your next order.”   I was on cloud nine.

However, I am quite aware that the average person would NOT classify that as a rockin’ good time.  And especially not for a birthday.

Now that I think about it, the average birthday girl (or boy) wouldn’t have been dazzled by choice of restaurants, either.

We went to the local Coney Island for dinner. 

 I know.

 But I happen to love that place. 

The food is good, it is served fast and we have our own special booth.  (Well, it always seems to be available when we go in there.)

We sit tucked away in a corner, where Anne can disrupt the fewest number of restaurant patrons, but she can still see when the ice cream/cream puff/Sanders hot fudge desserts are being served.  It’s win-win.


Amy and I like when someone orders the…oh I can’t remember what it’s called…the flaming cheese appetizer. I have a take-out menu around here somewhere but I’m too lazy to get up and look for it.  The server sets the pan aflame while standing at the table and calls out OPA!  The heat from the flames can be felt a few booths over.  We haven’t ordered that in awhile.  Amy likes the taste of it.  It’s okay.  I buy it strictly for the fire.

No one will ever accuse me of being classy.  Eh, whatever.

I was perfectly content with my birthday Ziploc baggies.  And my birthday McD gift cards (yessssssssssssss).

And if you thought I couldn’t get any livelier, just wait:

Recently I found a guy stocking the shelves with canned pumpkin at Walmart.  I almost did a dance. 

I’ve been waiting for canned pumpkin for a year.  A year.  Apparently it had been a rough year for pumpkin farming (told to me by pumpkin people in the know at Walmart).  The guy stocking the shelves said people have been yelling for pumpkin, so I guess I’m not the only pumpkin crazy out there.

I bought two cans.

My sister said to me, Do you eat the stuff right out of the can?

Uh, no. That would be slimy and gross.

Time to make some muffins. Or pie. Or SOMETHING with pumpkin.

Amy: Pumpkin. Ewwwwwwww.


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